Toyota's Future : Fuel Cell Technology


Toyota's Future : Fuel Cell TechnologyMid-next decade, Toyota Motor Corp. . plans to launch car

Toyota's Future : Fuel Cell Technology

Mid-next decade, Toyota Motor Corp. . plans to launch car fuel cell tech. This is expressed by Vice President Masatami Takimoto at the shareholders meeting at Toyota headquarters in Aichi , Japan.

That explanation is a response to investor questions about the future plans of the company's zero-emissions technology. According to AFP, Masimoto not explain further the plan.

Fuel-cell technology uses the principle electrolytes hydrogen to generate electricity that will be used as an electric motor drive. This technology is considered as the ideal transportation solution for the emissions produced only water vapor.

Toyota has begun to market a limited hybrid fuel-cell cars in the United States and Japan since 2002 using technology in the capture of the Toyota Prius. Until now the problem is to create a fuel-cell technology more affordable.

Until now, fuel-cell technology is still expensive because the technology used and the fact that there is still no technology that can store hydrogen in a car so this car has a cruising as far as conventional cars.

One of Toyota's fuel cell car that has been introduced to the public is the Toyota Highlander FCHV (Fuel Cell Hydrogen Vehicle). This car has been tested to travel far. In Japan, Toyota Highlander FCHV proved able to travel as far as 560km Tokyo-Osaka with a single tank of hydrogen.

December 2002, the first Toyota to give two units of Toyota FCHV (Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle) to the two universities, namely University of California, Irvine (UCI) and University of California, Davis (UCD).