Toyota Vios 2010 : Safety Feature


Toyota Vios 2010 : Safety FeatureVIOS security features give you a sense of security while

Toyota Vios 2010 : Safety Feature
VIOS security features give you a sense of security while driving, which can not be obtained on other vehicles in its class


Auto Levelling HID Head Lamp (Type G)

Headlight beam direction vertically, automatically adjusts the level of the position of the vehicle, so as not to dazzle other drivers and keep the driver's visibility
Back Sonar (Type G)

Ultrasonic sensors keep a safe distance when parking
Collapsible Steering Column

Specially designed steering rod to fracture, if the frontal collision, so the driver avoid a fatal injury
GOA Body Structure

GOA Body Structure effectively protect passengers from injuries caused by impact from the outside
High Mount Stop Lamp and Defogger

High Mount Stop Lamp & defogger provide a sense of safety while driving.
Immobilizer (Type G)
With TTDS (Toyota Theft-deterrent System) equipped with Immobilizer
Intelligent Secured

Dengan TTDS (Toyota Theft-Deterrent System) yang dilengkapi dengan Immobilizer
Smart Breaking Power

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) + EDB (electronically Brake-force Distribution) + BA (Brake Assist) to work optimally produce effective braking during sudden braking or slippery road
SRS Airbag

SRS Airbags for the driver (Type E) and front passenger (Type G) to reduce fatal injuries during a frontal collision
Whiplash Injury Lessening (WL)
WIL technology adopted in the front seat passenger and driver. With the WIL is expected to protect the back of the neck and body, so avoid serious injury during an impact from either the front or from behind