Spesifikasi Toyota Yaris 2010


2010 Toyota Yaris SpecificationsEngineThe latest generation of machines 1.500cc with VVT-i technology (Variable Valve Timing

2010 Toyota Yaris Specifications


The latest generation of machines 1.500cc with VVT-i technology (Variable Valve Timing with Intelligent) capable of achieving maximum power 109 PS when engine speed reaches 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 14.5 kgm at 4200 rpm engine speed, meet the wishes of the young driver to the vehicle with excellent performance, big power and torque but efficient in fuel consumption.

System Suspensi

The combination of MacPherson strut suspension with coil spring + stabilizer on the front suspension, and torsion beam suspension with coil sping on the back of the Yaris, capable of reducing vibration due to damaged roads and wavy and not forward it to the passenger cabin resulting in a comfortable and stable ride together with the Yaris.

Super ECT (Electronic Controlled Transmission)
With Super ECT technology(Electronic Controlled Transmission) there will be no shocking tugs at the turn of the automatic transmission in the Yaris. This technology will make the changes smoother transmission and reduce turnover frequency transmission when passing through the street or climb down.

Technical Specifications of Toyota Yaris

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To improve the quality and alignment with the development of technology, PT Toyota-Astra Motor are subject to change specifications, standard equipment or other data in this specification.