Specification of Toyota 86, year 2012 Indonesian Version


Specification of Toyota 86, year 2012 Indonesian VersionPrice | Specification | Brochure | Credit Schemeclick to detailThe Best From Toyota 86ChassisIs one of

Specification of Toyota 86, year 2012 Indonesian Version

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The Best From Toyota 86

Is one of the most important part in building the Toyota 86. The platform is designed in order to give effect to joy behind the wheel. Has high stability, control response swiftly, and be able to move quickly on the surface streets and highway. The front suspension 86 has an enhanced construction. The suspension is McPherson struts with lower control arm single used, has been designed so that the angle and its spring constant so that it can move quickly and to provide more precise feedback to the driver.

Double wishbone suspension on the rear legs were getting optimization for more sporty driving character. The point is made more rigid mounting, with the lower roll axis angle can be changed as needed. Not surprisingly, the composition of the legs has a good ability to drive or even to comfort while drifting sideways.

Superb control of one's life so Toyota 86. So no wonder if he can swing with a sharp and stable at high speeds. It is not separated from the support of advanced embedded control technology. The presence of the Integrated Motor or power steering ECU, providing direct help to the driver's feeling. While the fast feedback can be obtained thanks to the help of Quick Gear Ratio control systems.

Ultra-Low Center of Gravity
Using a front-midship construction, with the position of the engine behind the front axle. This positive impact on the optimal weight distribution front and rear. The heavy component is shifted towards the center of the vehicle, as well positioned as low as possible. The result, the maximum stability when maneuvering.

Level 86's center of gravity even includes the best sports cars in the senior league. He was able to compete with the center of gravity is only 460 mm, or so the closest to Earth. Movement of any body roll angle gets smaller. This height is maintained despite the four-passenger cabin is filled. It also means giving an optimal driving position. 86 is designed to provide fun driving sensation with a low seating position. So the feeling is like driving a true sports car is very thick felt.

6-Speed ​​Transmission
There are two choices of a 6-speed transmission, manual and automatic. With the manual transmission are confident to produce an optimal feedback. Donations Aisin gearbox has a character close-ratio, with a displacement of the lever is tight. This ensures maximum performance to the driver feel. While the automatic transmission, there is a Sport mode that will detect the engine speed limit and setting the right timing to do a sporty shifting. Transmission equipped with paddle shift on the steering wheel to get the sensation of driving a car-style circuit. Final drive ratio can be tailored to the needs of 4100. More focused on fuel economy, performance, or customize them to balance the dynamic performance.

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