Interior Toyota Yaris 2010


Interior Toyota Yaris 2010Audio (1 CD Indash + MP3 + WMA)4 Speaker (Type E, Type

Interior Toyota Yaris 2010

Audio (1 CD Indash + MP3 + WMA)

4 Speaker (Type E, Type J)
6 Speaker (Type S)

A simple design but modern and has many functions of the audio such as MP3 & WMA (Windows Media Audio) and DSP (Digital Sound Processor) 4 speakers pamper driver and passengers to arrange the songs and music of your choice.

Audio Jack (All Type)
AC Register Ring Fringe (All Type)
Steering Switch (All S)
Door Trim ( Type)

Futuristic design of the door trim panels with arm rest and power windows operational three-dimensional shape and ergonomics make it easy for drivers to adjust the Yaris operational window and door

Sporty Seats (All Type)

Forms a curve to the sporting fabric on the seats with the material and a black color (type S) with a blend of two interior colors & dark gray, light gray to meet the desires of young drivers on the vehicle that sporty and elegant in the interior

Loop Design (All Type)

Loop design styles connecting lines on the roof interior with front and rear arm rest, curve shaped showing the impression that fused futuristic and luxurious on the interior

(Center Meter Combination with Optitron - All Type)

Views luxurious interior clearly visible on the adoption optitron combination-meter with white illumination provides optimal lighting for drivers to monitor and find out driving conditions

Smart Start System (Type S AT Limited)

Without having to remove the key from pocket or purse, the Yaris engine be turned on by simply pressing the button Engine Start Stop to meet the desires of young people will be vehicles with advanced technology and the practicality of driving

Buttons on Power Window, Power Door Lock, Power Window Lock (All Type)

All the function button control windows and doors were placed at one ergonomic one on the armrest and it is close to the steering wheel, in addition to providing operational ease of the driver to adjust the doors and windows also add a futuristic design with an exclusive and trendy shades on the Yaris interior