Fitur Kenyamanan (Comfort) Toyota Yaris 2010


Convenience and Comfort Features Toyota Yaris 2010 .Luggage space (All Type)The more comfortable to travel

Convenience and Comfort Features Toyota Yaris 2010 .

Luggage space
(All Type)

The more comfortable to travel with friends or family with the Yaris, in the normal position of the trunk can carry 274 liters, while the two chairs had been moved forward (sliding) (type S) to 363 liters, and when both rear seats folded flat on the floor able to carry 737 liters

Electric power Steering (All Type)

Full total convenience and driving comfort on Yaris, equipped with electric power technology + tilt steering on the steering wheel will make it easy to maneuver and steering wheel height adjustment according to the driver's wishes and comfort

Electric Back Door Opener (Type S limited)

The driver can simply open the back door when the smart key near the vehicle

Smart Entry (Type S Limited)

If it detects the smart key, the door opens automatically when you hold the handle and then locks when the button is pressed.

Smart Start System (Type S Limited)

Turn the vehicle so easily just by pressing the start button engine