Exterior Toyota Yaris 2010


EXTERIOR TOYOTA YARIS 2010Front Bumper Ornament (All Type)Outer Mirror with Turn Signal Lamp (Type S)Antenna


Front Bumper Ornament (All Type)

Outer Mirror with Turn Signal Lamp (Type S)


With the rear antenna with practical design and sturdy, capture the signal better and provide stylish and trendy appearance on the exterior

Ban dan Velg

Yaris looks more sporty with a larger aspect ratio (60) and 15-inch diameter alloy wheels

Door Handle

With the grip type door handles and body-colored, the Yaris look more elegant and impressive premium luxury vehicles.

Electronic Back Door Opener (Type S Limited)

Electric Mirror (All Type)

Spion Retractable (Type S)

Rearview mirror can be arranged electrically from the interior with just a touch of a finger to feel confident and secure when young drivers pass narrow streets

Multi Reflector Front Lightning (All Type)

Headlamp design with futuristic shapes and equipped multireflector technology to add trendy in Yaris exterior appearance, that makes any young driver confident and comfortable with a maximum illumination provided.

Fog Lamp (Type S)

a sporty fog lamp give maximum illumination during foggy and rainy weather

Rear Lights

Brake lamp with LED (Light Emitting Diode) has high visibility.

Radiator Grille

Sporty & trendy look of the front side of the Yaris seemed clear to the shape of hexagonal radiator grille with Toyota logo in the center and chrome plated

Side Protection Moulding (Type S)

Side spoiler and side moldings fused with body, give a dynamic impression

Smart Entry (Type S Limited)

Even when the driver took the keys in his pocket or purse, the driver can open and close the door with a smart key entry without having to remove from his bag or pocket

Front and Rear Bumper Spoiler(Type S)

Equipped with a spoiler, the front and rear bumpers look more stylish and sporty

Roof Spoiler
With rear Roof Spoiler makes you look more stylish and sporty

Aero Mudguard (Type S)
Foglamp Eyebrow (All Type)
New Hood Ornament (All Type)