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Harga Toyota Dyna 2017 di Jawa TimurPrice | Brochure | Credit SchemeNew Dyna again present to renew the former through a variety

Harga Toyota Dyna 2017 di Jawa Timur

New Dyna again present to renew the former through a variety of innovations with SPECIAL DEVELOPMENT consistent with the needs of loyal customers TOYOTA in supporting customers' business activities
New Dyna not only increase payload capacity, endurance, strength and acceleration but also a truck that has a strong PERFORMANCE, COMFORT in driving, EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR DESIGN that is suited to the needs of business customers as well as environment-friendly trucks.
Ultimately, Dyna again present with a variety of changes to become the BEST in its class

Toyota Dyna Box and Microbus
Toyota DYNA in Jawa Timur price in October, 2017
 110 ST 4X2 M/T       263,600,000
 110 ST LONG 4X2 M/T       272,200,000
 110 ST BUS 4X2 M/T       270,500,000
 110 ST BUS LONG 4X2 M/T       282,400,000
 110 FT 4X2 M/T       295,900,000
 110 FT LONG 4X2 M/T       306,900,000
 110 ET 4X2 M/T       303,500,000
 130 XT 4X2 M/T       317,700,000
 130 XT LONG 4X2 M/T       327,900,000
 130 XT LONG HI-GEAR 4X2 M/T       328,400,000
 130 XT BUS LONG 4X2 M/T       319,300,000
 130 HT EKSPEDISI 4X2 M/T       324,100,000
 130 HT LONG EKSPEDISI 4X2 M/T       334,700,000
 130 HT LONG EKSPEDISI HI-GEAR 4X2 M/T       335,200,000
 130 HT HI-GEAR 4X2 M/T       324,900,000
 130 HT EXTREME HI-GEAR 4X2 M/T       327,400,000
 130 HT OFF ROAD HI-GEAR 4X2 M/T       347,400,000
 130 HT 4X2 M/T       322,300,000